Moley, Moley, Moley

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The snow is finally gone! You can actually see your lawn again for the first time since November, such an exciting occasion. However, your joy may have only lasted momentarily, until you noticed that your lawn was showcasing several volcano like holes and had a maze like theme. It can only mean one thing, you probably have a population of grubs, which have attracted moles.  It’s time to take action and we’re here to offer some tips & tricks.  

Here are some things we have learned about Moles:

  • Their choice of cuisine consists of insect larvae, earthworms, millipedes and other bug like delicacies. Bet you’re hungry now!
  • They like the single life of solitude until early spring when they find that special someone to breed with
  • They are not rodents…who knew! They are in fact insectivore, which translates into a carnivore that only eats insects.  See we are learning so much!
  • As is apparent on your lawn, they are BIG FANS of creating mazes (aka tunnels). Hey, if they weren’t insectivores they could make a killing designing children’s activity books.
  • They’re big on constantly creating new feeding tunnels and tend to get bored of their newly designed tunnel and may only use it once.
  • They have a main runway, which they will use repeatedly. The runways are 12-18 inches underground and not usually visible.
  • They are most active during warm, wet months, although they live in their very own underground world year-round
  • Not the most attractive little critters. They grow to be 4 to 6 inches long and have gray to black velvety fur, slender hairless snouts, and beady little eyes and ears. They have large front feet with long claws that dig much like a hoe. Not your typical Disney woodland creature.
  • Their days are numbered and not because you’re trying to be rid of them. If they can outwit & outplay you they’ll only live for 3 years  

Here’s the thing, who wants to wait three years? You want your lawn back and you want those moles banished! It’s time to start the great mole attack of 2014! We will assume that you want to be as organic & humane as possible but based on our research we’ve learned that you may have to pull out the big guns to rid your lawn of these unattractive introverted insectivores.  

Here’s what we know won’t work so don’t go wasting your time: Lye, Draino, pickle juice, broken glass, cayenne pepper, razor blades, bleach, juicy fruit gum, moth balls, human hair balls, vibrations, gasoline & explosives.  Admit it, you want to watch Caddy Shack again, don’t you?  

The humane way is to start with an organic method that is harmless to earthworms, ladybugs and plants. For the record, you want earthworms in your lawn, as they are good for the soil.  

Get to know these two words: Beneficial Nematodes. What is a nematode? Nematodes are microscopic, whitish to transparent, unsegmented worms. They occupy almost every conceivable habitat on earth and are among the most common multicelled organisms. Beneficial nematodes seek out and kill all stages of harmful soil-dwelling insects. These bad boys control over 200 different types of insects in the soil. It’s like one big 70’s party at Woodstock in your lawn. Beneficial nematodes are parasitic, and invade the bodies of their prey, leaving behind the dead insect carcasses (pause for overall body shiver). They are a very effective organic insect control method and kill most insects before they become adults. This includes lots of common lawn and garden pests such as grubs, fleas, mole crickets, Japanese beetles and weevils. No chemicals are required and they are easy to apply.  The other upside is that Beneficial Nematodes are harmless to pets & humans.

Now for the bad news…this isn’t likely to get rid of your unwanted tenants…THE MOLES. Those nasty little critters will start to feed off the earthworms left behind and be happy happy happy.   

Resource after resource has indicated that the only guaranteed way to rid your lawn of moles is to use a mole-specific trap that will exterminate the animal.   Above and below ground traps are available for getting rid of moles. If you take this route, be sure to move the tunnel traps daily. Word on the street is that the Victor® Brand is the best on the market and are reasonably priced.  For more information on their Mole traps check out the Victor® website They ship to Canada. Local retailers such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot & Canadian Tire can also assist with your Mole Trap needs.  

Now is the time to make your move, they are most active in the early Spring. Typically only 1 to 2 moles will lay claim on your lawn, as I mentioned previously these critters are not social & don’t live in communities so by removing just one or two moles usually solves the problem.  

May the force be with you as you tackle the grubs & moles in your lawn. Before long your lawn will be free of volcano like dirt mounds and will be green and lush.

Please feel free to share your tips and tricks about your success of ridding moles & grubs from your lawn, we would love to hear from you. 

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SOLD! Great Starter Home in Huntsville

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Immediately upon entering this charming home you can feel the history exuding from every room. There is so much character and uniqueness; the smallest ornate details will not go unnoticed. Formally a one-room schoolhouse converted into a 3 bedroom, 2-bathroom home, offering 1260 sqft of living space. The main floor living & dining room is both warm and inviting with cathedral ceilings, exposed beams and hardwood floors. The kitchen is spacious and bright with plenty of counter space and cupboard storage. The finished lower level has a great rec room, ideal for entertaining plus a workshop. There is also additional and plentiful storage options. The property sits on 1.7 acres, surrounded by mature trees and gardens – the backyard offers great privacy and quiet. This home is perfect for a first time homebuyer, a young family or even empty nesters. Located in the Riverside PS catchment area and a quick drive into Huntsville or Baysville.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling this spring contact the Aben Team  

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Segwun Sunset Dinner Cruise for Two

Approximate value $300. No skill testing question is required. Must be 19 years or older.
Closing April 2nd 2017, 9pm. Draw to be held April 7th, 2017.


Complete information below

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Cottage Buyer’s Guide

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Are you thinking of buying a cottage in Muskoka or Almaguin Highlands this year?

Here’s a guide to get you started. I’ve include three different areas;
1 – South Muskoka (includes Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, Muskoka Lakes)
2 – North Muskoka (includes Huntsville/Lake of Bays
3 – Almaguin Highlands


1 – South Muskoka

Use the chart below to help determine what you can afford. If you are looking at a “medium” size lake with a “mid-range” cottage you can expect to spend $425,000 to $550,000, see highlight below in yellow.

The graph below displays the unit sales by price range and the cumulative percentage of sales for each price catagory. Note: 42% of cottages sold in South Muskoka are under the price of $500,000 and 74% of sales are under $1,000,000.


2 – North Muskoka

Now lets take a look at Huntsville/Lake of Bays. You will notice that the cottage pricing in my opinion is slightly less. “mid-range” cottage on a “medium” size lake costing from $400,000 to $500,000.

Looking below at the unit sales by price range, 48% of the cottages sold in this region are under $500,000.


3 – Almaguin Highlands

In Almaguin Highlands you will find the most bang-for-the-buck, but you must be willing to drive a bit further north. A “mid-range” cottage on a “medium” size lake will run you $350,000 to $450,000. A fairly substantial difference than South and North Muskoka.

In Almaguin Highlands you will find that half the sales are under $300,000.

The tables are designed to provide an overview of the price ranges found in certain general types of cottages and lake sizes. With the uniqueness of each waterfront property and the endless variations, the best advice and information will always be provided by a local real estate agent.

Don’t hesitate to call us today, we’re here to help! Contact

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